Cromwell Tools

Over the last five years Lockside has worked closely with Cromwell in deploying Genisys-Sys to automate the production of their publications. The nature of Cromwell's business involves highly technical precision tools for manufacturing and industry as well as a broad range of industrial supplies. The volume of publications produced is considerable and the quality and accuracy of the information is exceptional. To maintain and further improve this level of quality and the number of publications they produce requires automation and high productivity.
The collaboration has been rewarding. Lockside has been able to create better, simpler ways of producing pages to the same high standard, which has resulted in some ground-breaking development.
Cromwell is now the largest British-owned industrial distributor and has 1,800 employees. The company stands out in many ways featuring:
  • 67 Distribution Centres worldwide
  • 4 specialist companies
  • Export division operating in over 50 countries and 5 continents
  • Team of “time-served” sales engineers in each region
  • Global product research
  • Product analysis unit
  • Team studying production methods worldwide
  • Unique daily inter-company delivery system enabling rapid access to products, services and information.