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Organisations begin their hunt for catalog software when existing methods are impeding progress. When the number and variety of products outgrow a spreadsheet's capacity, it becomes clear that a system is needed. Solutions could be catalog management software, which could be called product information management (PIM) or product content management. Gartner says that "The Catalog Management System Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% over the forecast period 2021 to 2026."

Whether a company sells direct B2C or B2B, products need sophisticated organisation, categorisation, descriptions, images, meta information and technical specification. A medium lighting catalog can have 50 spreadsheet columns of data and 2000 rows of products or 100,000 bits of information.

Geni-Sys is a second-generation cloud solution built on 25 years of catalog management experience and all the associated issues. It has the power to handle millions of SKUs but remains easy to use.

What makes it great is the level of intelligent automation that has come from years of experience and users saying "we want to automate that!". Serious improvement can come from using the Geni-Sys API.

Customer Benefits

Shopping on Amazon® exposes the poor quality of product description. Despite their best efforts to make sellers provide buyers with comprehensive product descriptions, they still leave shoppers doubting which product to buy. Geni-Sys provides the tools and a structure that helps improve product descriptions.

Business Benefits

In their report, Mordor Intelligence states "Catalog management solutions enable companies to manage their product data in an individual system, ending in large catalogs with optimised arrangement and design. Catalog management solutions simplify workflow and manage catalog changes regardless of the location, channel, or platform. Catalog management expedites the making of personalised and periodical catalogs for diverse sectors, thereby generating growth possibilities."

Digital Catalogs

Online catalogs, e-Catalogs or electronic catalogs are popular. They would be more popular if you could create one without an existing PDF and create a PDF file without first designing and building a publication.

Geni-Sys product information management system can automatically build a catalog and a PDF from product data and linked images to generate a digital catalog. Many software publishers offer web or HTML to print but digital catalog creation needs to come from genuine page make-up like Adobe InDesign, which is hard to automate.

The features include embedded links to website products, not possible with paper catalogs. These links ensure that customers only see the current version and prices when they click the web link online.

Offering a good browsing experience on small screens can be improved with an app and a digital catalog. Users can easily pinch and zoom in to see catalog pages in high resolution and then click and purchase. Screwfix's app's implementation got more than 500,000 downloads on Apple's App Store alone, about one in every ten regular Screwfix customers.

  • Allow customers to browse when offline, increasing your catalog circulation.
  • Bring customers back with push notifications of your latest offers and new product releases.
  • Create forms to drive subscriptions or sales.
  • Use the app as a micro-site to point customers to your blogs or website.
  • Pull in RSS feeds from other social media sources and websites.

Catalog Management Software - web and print

Websites and wordprocessing documents have lots in common. Websites and catalogs have less in common. A web page is virtual, but a catalog page is finite and forces a decision before you start. So you have a pile of sweaters or thousands of boxes of screws. The sweaters have different sizes. The price of screws can be each or per 100 or per box. What if there are too many to fit on a page. These are some of the issues that catalog management address. A website makes the page longer if it runs out of space, a catalog can't do that. Either a human brain does it or some AI algorithm. Computers accomplish so much but only if easy to use. Few people can take the time to go on training courses to master complex applications, so they have to be intuitive and stable. Web applications with a good UI can accomplish so much more like automatic pagination, which most experts would treat with scepticism. Interconnected applications like InDesign can be "driven" from a web app and work in the background. Users can achieve astonishing tricks like adding a line below every third line in a product table, add hanging indents or find a character and change it, automatically as a page builds.

When technology is at the forefront of everything we do, and productivity is supposed to be an issue, it is time to dust off "the way we have always done it" and get productive. Retailers and distributors live or die on their efficiency and productivity.


Not to be confused with canned designs seeking to replace the skills of a designer. Templates in our catalog world are a means of linking what appears on a page with SKU data elements. The data might have started life in an accounts system or ERP and ended up in front of a customer where it needs to be informative, well designed, and empower the purchase. Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) are currently buzz words used to describe what our templates achieve when they spot aspects of data that need to be converted, automatically to something else. It could be a character, phrase or style, like formatting or highlighting - something too time-consuming to do by hand.


What you see on a website is the front end of a highly complicated series of processes. An online store is no different in many respects from their high street cousin, more challenging because there is nothing to touch and no one to ask, so product descriptions have to be tip-top and the process to purchase smooth.

Website Design

Everyone's taste is different, so it is absurd to believe what you like is what every shopper likes. Poor design will not stop anyone if the product is what they want, and they like the experience. The job of a website is much much more significant than it appears. Every click counts in so many ways. A click is the start of a statistical journey, carefully tested so that the journey reveals trends. It should gather as much information as a marketing interview might, but better.


Any webshop sits in a worldwide mall alongside all those insider eCommerce platforms like Etsy, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Zyro and Volusion, to name a few, with enormous resources. Competition is fierce. Knowing the sophistication of the methods used by savvy SEO professionals is a start. Many clever website developers do nothing else but study the behaviour of search engines.


Managing customer experience is a thankless task. Customers who lose interest, leave the site as fast as they arrived. Visitors expect good service and an experience they could not describe if asked, but it is their right. The worst thing you can do is not even realise you are losing them. Knowing who is visiting your site and who left unsatisfied is fundamental to the enterprise's success, not just the site..


Organisations have departments with systems, and they are not inclined to change to suit a website. Linking data to other systems is an essential part of streamlining the delivery of a real-time online product catalog.

Digital Assets

Asset management is a vital link in the chain of product content management, particularly for multichannel stores. It needs to consider all image use by associating different image types like high resolution, video, diagrams and specification sheets to products and categories. A single source of images is essential. Supporting high-resolution catalog images is a start.

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