Digital Catalogs

Online catalogs, e-Catalogs or electronic catalogs are popular, and they would be more popular if you could create one without an existing PDF and create a PDF file without first designing and building a publication. 
Geni-Sys product information management system can automatically build a catalog and a PDF from product data and linked images to generate a digital catalog.
The features include embedded links to website products, not possible with paper catalogs. These links ensure that customers only see the current version and prices when they click the web link online.
Offering a good browsing experience on small screens can be improved with an app and a digital catalog. Users can easily pinch and zoom in to see catalog pages in high resolution and then click and purchase. Screwfix's implementation of their app got more than 500,000 downloads on Apple's App Store alone, about 1 in every ten regular Screwfix customers.

  • Allow customers to browse when offline, increasing your catalog circulation.
  • Bring customers back with push notifications of your latest offers and new product releases.
  • Create forms to drive subscriptions or sales.
  • Use the app as a micro-site to point customers to your blogs or website.
  • Pull in RSS feeds from other social media sources and websites.

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