Geni-Sys is a cloud app that works with other systems to add the flexibility needed for product information management (PIM) or master data management (MDM) and digital asset management (DAM)

Geni-Sys - a new product

It is our second in this space. The cloud has changed everything, removing the constraints of office walls and local area networks. We can now get systems talking to each other and remove the need for desktop installation. On-site support is a thing of the past. Over 20 years of experience have gone into our system. Many customer ideas have been incorporated and user-friendliness is at the core of everything we do.

Content Management

Geni-Sys simplifies the business of managing product content, descriptions, specifications, selling points, dimensions and images. This information is generally missing from other systems in the organisation and frequently sitting in spreadsheets and word processing documents. Pulling unmanaged content out of silos into a web application oils the wheels of the marketing machine.

PIM (Product Information Management)

Geni-sys is targeted at organisations with product portfolios that are hard to manage. It brings together all relevant product information needed for compilation of websites, product catalogs, targeted emails and more. Product management is distinct from other types of information management because products have meta information such as specifications, attributes and images. The presentation of this information forms a legal requirement in many industries including food and pharmaceuticals. It is fundamental to other industries, such as technology and industrial supplies.

Websites and Catalog Production


This is a key system feature, which is used to manage data selections for specific purposes. Once created, DataChannels can be used again and again for catalogs, price lists, small product leaflets and complete websites. They draw data from the central repository which is always up to date. Prices, however, belong to specific DataChannels so they can be managed independently and specifically.


Geni-Sys links directly to websites and can pull information from other systems such as ERP or accounts. That information is then aggregated with marketing-specific content and pricing as well as images and is pushed to one or more websites in one or more languages.

Pages in one or more languages can be output to any location that has the catalog app. The catalog app is connected to the cloud app and can be located anywhere so long as Adobe InDesignTM or Quark XPressTM is on the same network.


The PIM allows images to be imported and assigned to products and product groups. Multiple images can be assigned as well as brand images and icons, which can also be output to catalogs. For print both high resolution and low resolution are handled.
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