Leyton Lighting

Leyton Lighting have a large product portfolio. Initially Lockside built an eCommerce website for the company. The relationship has grown as Leyton have grown. The need to market leading edge lighting products to different markets and different types of customer has called for more immediate and comprehensive information. Customers want full specifications as well as basic information meaning product information has to be of high quality and up to date. The rapid growth of the LED market allows little time for the preparation of marketing material requiring systems that can shorten the time to market.
Lockside has created websites that accommodate ordering on account, more common in the wholesale world. The websites are updated from the PIM at any time for individual products or groups and overnight for all content, including images. Websites allow customers to login for administrative purposes and to see stock availability and account specific information.
The core of the system is a PIM (Product Information Management system), which is designed to hold all product information. The PIM information updates websites via DataChannels©, which segment content in line with the marketing focus. The output might be a website, a third party channel such as Amazon or Google Merchant. Lockside's particular strength and the attraction to Leyton Lighting is the ability to build flyers and catalogs from a DataChannel©.
The PIM allows images to be imported and assigned to products and product groups. Multiple images can be assigned as well as brand images and icons, which can also be output to catalogs.