Combining a CMS and PIM allows product and content management to be handled in one system

Recognising the need to manage product information and editorial in a single system synchronised with multiple eCommerce websites, we developed a cloud-based connected solution. The inspiration came from woking with multinational companies like ABB and Manutan, who wanted not only to merge product from different group companies and locations but also their multi-language content.

Lockside has over 20 years of experience in automating the production of multi-language marketing content for large and small clients.

Catalog Production

There is still a place for catalogs and flyers. Whether PDF or print they still need to be created. Geni-Sys catalog extension automates much of the preparation. Using the same content it allows pre-defined templates to handle the design, these are not page templates, they are much more sophisticated. Based on the selected templates the pagination is then automated. It is capable of delivering huge productivity gains.
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eCommerce Web Sites

We create sites that link to our PIM and CMS but independent of either. We like to code them with as few constraints as we can to have the freedom to deliver what the customer wants. We like to be free to add features that make sites easier and quicker for end users accessible from phones or tablets.

PIM - Product Information Management

Also called Catalog Management where organisations need to manage products outside an ERP and other systems that are not customer facing. 
Why Paper Catalogs Still Matter
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