PDF Proofing

If asked to review something the human condition is to ask for a hard copy and to grab a pen. So the best computer system you can devise can't do that job. But it can help and here's how.

How do you plan your catalog?

Turn the process on its head - proof before you start. Ridiculous? Well not really. The normal budget process involves looking at expenditure for the coming period. That involves resources, part of which is print buying and by extension pages. So most organisations know what they anticipate doing and plan accordingly. With a number of pages, you can decide what products you might want to promote and in what type of publication. So start with a list of what you already have and get a proof, that's what we can do. You have all your products in the system because we helped you put them there. You select groups of products by which we mean a style of working footwear, a description and some pictures and then the range of sizes. Select that group by its code and all the others and using our built-in AI get a preview and print PDFs. Call it a planning document but it's like a proof.

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